Founded in 2017, Now/Its: is Nashville. We focus on the city that's been dubbed "Nowville" by GQ and an "It" City by The Atlantic and The New York Times. But unlike the fleeting glances provided in those enthusiastic, albeit brief features, Now/Its: aims to present Nashville in all its glory.

Despite Now/Its' relative youth, rest assured we are not a conglomeration of transplants aiming to cash in on the en vogue nature of Nashville at the moment - we're locals who've spent years to decades worth of time ruminating and growing in what has become the "Nashville Spirit." We focus on music. We focus on the arts. We focus on culture, politics, technology, healthcare, education, sports, design, and all that contributes to the vibrancy of Nashville today. To us, the concept of "New Nashville" or "East Nashville" is nothing more than descriptors for the lazy or outsiders. We aim to give in depth, observational looks at any and all aspects of what makes Nashville the burgeoning cultural power and leader it is, and prove that the city is more than a prime time cable melodrama. There is no "New Nashville," there is no "Old Nashville," there is simply Nashville. 

Nashville, TN

The state capital of Tennessee. Founded in 1779, incorporated in 1806. The Athens of the South. Music City, USA. 


Now/Its:Nashville founder, Sean McHugh.     Photo by Lake Markham

Now/Its:Nashville founder, Sean McHugh. 

Photo by Lake Markham