Now/It's: A (Live) Video Premiere - "Rat King" by The Ragcoats

There are few things we love more than hearing from Now/It's alumni, and this time is no different. The dudes from The Ragcoats have been at it non-stop ever since they met up with us back in October of last year. They've put out another solid single, "Rat King," to follow up their debut single, "Standing in the Sun." On top of packing their schedule to the gills with shows in and out of town, the trio (and occasional quartet) found some time to lay down one of the coolest live videos you'll see in a while.

Shot for the always enthralling OurVinyl Sessions, this version of "Rat King" sees Allen, Curtis, and Shawn take the tune to the inside of a greenhouse, just outside of Nashville. Obviously, the aesthetics are clean and ultimately unfamiliar, which lends itself to a vaguely ominous tune like "Rat King."

Admittedly, I had no idea there were greenhouses filled with water. Nevertheless, the song itself is tight and in the pocket as ever, something The Ragcoats have managed to build upon every single show (not that they ever weren't tight, just that they seem to top it each and every time). It's a video that will undoubtedly keep you coming back for little glimpses of detail  from within this aqua-greenhouse (is that what you'd call it?). Also, the song is a perpetual grooves, and that's something always worth returning to.

"Rat King" OurVinyl Session Credits: Tracking, Engineer: Nick Byrd, Mixing Engineer: Dylan Alldredge, Mastering Engineer: Sean Brna, Director: Mike Reuther, Camera 1: Mike Reuther, Camera 2: Mike Moen.

The Ragcoats are Curtis Ford (vocals, guitar, drums), Allen Ralph (guitar, drums), and Shawn Simon (guitar, bass). "Rat King" is available across all listening platforms. The Ragcoats' next Nashville shows are April 7th, at Springwater Supper Club with Mother's Oven, April 25th, at The 5 Spot with Dirty Delusions, and May 19th, at The High Watt with Brother Man and Microwave Mountain.