Now/It's: Stephcynie at The Back Corner

The 24-hour news cycle has created a generally disconcerting environment that emphasizes long term effects of day-to-day proceedings, some of which are accurate while others are sensational. One would hope it would be easily discerned that such dour focuses endorse further unrest, but for whatever reason, people continue to interact with such things.

So with that in mind, such unfortunate realities lead us to our most immediate focus (at least in terms of Now/It’s) - In the fraught and frustrating world that is our modern day, it’s become increasingly important to celebrate the little things. The moral victories, dreams coming to fruition, milestones being met, community being fostered; all components of a happier, more connected society. Furthermore (and in the case of this particular write-up), all aforementioned “components” also happened to be present at The Back Corner this past Tuesday, for Stephcynie’s I Don’t Love You EP release show.

If anything, Stephcynie’s release show was a microcosm of what a truly happy and healthy community looks like in the modern age. Collaboration, connectivity, inclusivity, and joy abounded on a day celebrating a personal milestone for Stephcynie. It wouldn’t be far fetched to say that anyone and everyone at The Back Corner this past Tuesday was there under the guise of total and complete support of Stephcynie and her EP release. If anything, such unabashed support was expected.

As readers of Now/It’s might remember just how long I Don’t Love You’s road to release was in the works. Writing and recording a record is no easy feat, much less sitting on it upon completion, all the way to seeing that the promotion and release are completed as well. But Stephcynie lucked out in both departments of production and promotion, thanks to the likes of Joshua Niles and Joy Brown, both of whom were undoubtedly cornerstones in bringing I Don’t Love You to fruition.

Evidently, that same support from Stephcynie’s closest confidants extends well outside of her inner circle, as the evening at The Back Corner could not have been a more warm and inviting atmosphere. While the night was most certainly meant to showcase and celebrate Stephcynie, it doubled as a celebration of community within Nashville. One of those moralistic victories where anyone and everyone stage or in attendance was undeniably welcomed and supported, much like Stephcynie is by them.

While talk of community and inclusivity are always welcomed and more than deserving when it comes to Stephcynie’s EP release show, it was still a show. There was music to be listened to. There were grooves to be gotten (is that the right tense?) down to. Whether it was Bryce Merritt's sharp pop sensibilities, Daisha McBride’s sophisticated flow, or Stephcynie’s show-stopping presence alongside an array of heavy hitters (including Now/It’s alum CAMM), it was easily one of the strongest showings of Nashville’s best and brightest outside of the old hat Americana and country realms.

All in all, you’d be hard pressed to have found a better example of the light in an otherwise dark and distressing day and age than Stephcynie’s I Don’t Love You release show. It was a celebration, a commendation, and if nothing else, a reminder that even if for a moment, everything is going to be alright, as long as there’s a community of positivity and inclusivity around. So for that, Stephcynie deserves her own share of praise and thanks for endorsing a little light through the celebration of her own achievement. Here’s to many more moments just like it.