Now/It's: Weyes Blood at Ryman Auditorium

We've spent a good chunk of our time at the Ryman during the month of September - The Lonely Biscuits, Sylvan Esso, and now, Weyes Blood - so if you're sick of variant ruminations on the Mother Church of Country Music, it may be best to close out of this particular tab now. Just take a moment.... Okay. That should do it. 

So why has Now/It's spent as much time at Ryman Auditorium as we have this past month? Is it due to an abnormal affinity? Is it because it's the "best" (subjective) venue in town? Is it because they book the coolest, most cutting edge acts? Or is it simply coincidence? 

Those are all more than valid questions, and in one way or another, they're all fairly accurate (to varying degrees). And so, as we endeavor to answer all aforementioned queries, we'll use Weyes Blood as an answer for each, in some way, shape, or form. With that, let's dive into resolving the first (and quickest) of questions - Does Now/It's have an abnormal affinity toward the Ryman?

In short, yes, mostly due to the fact that there's no other place in town to listen to an up and coming act such as Weyes Blood play in front of 2,000+ folks listening as attentively as they do at the Ryman. That way, you get to hear Front Row Seat To Earth in it's finest live rendition. Furthermore, that fact serves as a perfect segue into answering our second question - Is it because the Ryman is the "best" venue in town? To put it lightly (and Now/It's opinion), yes, the Ryman is the best venue in town.

There are countless reasons why, but in the case of Weyes Blood, you'd be hard pressed to find another venue in town of which the following scenario wouldn't take place - if Weyes Blood were opening up at any club venue, it wouldn't be out of the question to have quiet confidence of Natalie Mering's rosined voice being undercut by the clang of glass bottles, cans clicking open, and the general fraternization of fair weather music fans.

But at the Ryman, things are different, people in the auditorium can only hear music, and the music itself reverberates a little readily throughout the pews for anyone to have a decent conversation. And so everyone gets to hear the bellowing power of "Used to Be" as opposed to some bystanders' personal opining about nothing in particular. 

Which brings us to our third question - Does the Ryman manage to book the coolest, most cutting edge acts? This is a case-by-case-basis "yes," as is the case with Weyes Blood. Obviously, as an opener for Father John Misty, the Ryman talent buying team didn't necessarily seek out Weyes Blood specifically, but in booking a fine performer such as the Father John himself, the fringe benefit is getting to see one of the more promising indie-up and comers in a while. And in turn, Father John Misty fans who show up early and might not have been privy to Weyes Blood's Front Row Seat to Earth or A Certain Kind b/w Everybody's Talkin' likely found their newest moonlight musical deep dive. 

Finally, the only remaining question is whether or not Now/It's September spent frequenting three straight Ryman shows was coincidence. Again, the answer is yes, due to the various email show coverage queries and what not that are probably more boring than one would assume. Anyway, with that in mind, whenever there's an act like Weyes Blood, Father John Misty, Sylvan Esso, or The Lonely Biscuits coming through Nashville that happens to touch down at the Ryman, you best believe that Now/It's will be there. Because why not?