Now/It's: A Video Premiere - "Windshield Notes" by October Tooth

As we ease our way out of September (despite continued oppressive heat) and slip into October, a tonal shift coincides. Not only does the pivot from Summer to Fall mark the passage of months, but also a change in perspective. Things die - battening down for winter, in order to bloom anew once again in Spring - and so, things are more insular, more fragile, poignant, and decidedly more memorable. There is an unmistakable feeling

If there are is one event in Nashville that serves as a marked musical augury for Fall's solicitude, it is without a doubt (for myself, at least) the work of October Tooth. For the uninitiated, October Tooth operates almost entirely within the aforementioned realm of poignance, fragility, and ultimately, catharsis; restricting any and all new releases to the time frame of one month, October. 

While the formula that is October Tooth's release schedule might seem inauspicious on paper, each subsequent release seems to echo and reverberate just how conducive the process is to October Tooth's sonic and compositional growth. Point and case being October Tooth's 2016 release, Easy Corners.

As the fourth iteration since October Tooth's conception, Easy Corners featured without a doubt the most foundational of narrative and musical plinth. Not to speak down upon the first three October Tooth releases, but only to identify the fact that Easy Corners is almost certainly the treatise of its three preceding releases, carrying only the finest aspects of each. In searching for the foremost illustration of such a fact, look no further than Easy Corners' "Windshield Notes," of which October Tooth was kind enough to share with Now/It's.

It goes without saying that "Windshield Notes" is it's own unique entity, but with the pensive whispers and the obfuscated anecdotal prose, the track likens itself to a more grounded Beach House melded with another (semi) local lo-fi outfit, Bent Denim. With regard to "Windshield Notes" and it's coinciding video serving as Easy Corners' foundational proxy for the October Tooth discography as a whole, things are more collaborative - visuals from Reid Mitchell, editing from Erik Maynard, and a handful of familiar cameos - and in turn, opening up yet another pathway for October Tooth to tread upon, as softly as they please. 

October Tooth's fifth iteration, 'Old Coat,' will be released on Friday the 20th, in the month of October. You can listen to October Tooth's entire discography here.

Photo by Reid Mitchell