Now/It's: A Video Premiere - "Cherry 7up" (Lyric Video) by Jonie

Pop music is alive and well in Nashville; or at least, its about to be. Jonie arrives on the scene with a tune primed to set off the electro-pop shakedown on Music City. After premiering his single "Cherry 7up" with Vents Magazine out of Puerto Rico, Jonie (nom de plume of Joseph Barrios) pivoted to a more local approach to premiere the "Cherry 7up" lyric video. 

"Cherry 7up" serves as the first track off of Jonie's upcoming three-part initiative, the Jonie Tape Collection. The song itself is a meticulous and sharp jolt of electro-pop fervor that would make Michael Angelakos and Ernest Greene blush, all the while paying homage to Barrios' Memphis roots.

As for the lyric video, the aesthetic is decidedly more woozy. Where the track takes sharp cuts and turns in a delightfully calculating manner, the video opts for a bright color palate of engaging "paper marbling" techniques that churn about "Cherry 7up's" lyrics. Made in collaboration with Nashville-based videographer Erik Maynard, "Cherry 7up's" swirling aesthetic will all but transport you to electro-pop Nirvana.

Now/Its: Nashville is proud to premiere Jonie's lyric video for "Cherry 7up."

"Cherry 7up" is the lead single off of the first installment of Jonie's three-part series, Jonie Tapes Vol. 1