Now/It's: Diet Cig at The High Watt

Its been a pretty rough 2017 already, and we've just barely crossed the threshold of the halfway mark, but damn does it feel good to go to a show that washes any and all woes away. 

Diet Cig rolled through town for their headlining slot at the High Watt, in support of their debut LP Swear I'm Good At This. Ironically enough, Diet Cig was exceptionally good from the onset of their set, despite the slightly self-effacing (perhaps flagellating is a better descriptor? Probably not) album title. 

Fronted by the vivacious and jubilant Alex Luciano (who had apparently just turned 21), Diet Cig enjoyed a highly enthusiastic crowd standing on the precipice of obsessively dependent (in a good way). Once opener Sports tapped out and Diet Cig tapped in, the first four or five rows of people were absolutely beaming. Straight up brimming with near unbridled excitement as Luciano and drummer Noah Bowman took the stage. 

For someone as ebullient as Luciano, it certainly can't be difficult for her to endear herself toward an audience. But this show in particular, Luciano shone bright like a screen flare off an iPhone during high noon. In true punk spirit, Diet Cig's High Watt show was nothing short of escapist mastery. Luciano offered many a sage soundbite throughout the set, speaking about the necessity of water, and more importantly, how paramount inclusivity is at Diet Cig shows.

"We are Diet Cig, and I think I forgot my set list. Before we start - all our shows are safe spaces - just be cool to one another." 

In turn, the rest of the show went without a snag in terms of unsavory show things go. Ultimately, Alex all but endeared herself further to the High Watt crowd, making constant references to Dolly Parton - "I'd like to thank Dolly for coming out. She's the greatest." - showering her audience with compliments - particularly the gentleman in the front row sporting a vintage Cher shirt - and inviting everyone to the afterparty DJ set at Dukes, where Bowman would be spinning records into the early morning.

All in all, this show was what's likely to be the first of many memorable Diet Cig shows, not only in Nashville, but everywhere. Alex and Noah kick ass live, and it doesn't look like they're going to stop any time soon.