Now/It's: A (Christmas) Song Premiere - "Christmas This Year" by Aliza Carter Band

The Holidays are a time for friends and family (not to start out too cliche or anything), so its only fitting that Now/It's' first Holiday song premiere would be nothing short of a (literal) family affair.

Anyway, on to the song. Now/It's is proud to have the opportunity to premiere the newest (and long awaited) single from brother/sister duo, Aliza Carter Band, "Christmas This Year." Comprised of Alicia and Zachary Threlkeld, Aliza Carter Band fell into somewhat of an involuntary hiatus over the past year as the pair's respective solo endeavors - Nightingail and October Tooth - began to make significant strides in their own way. 

Granted, I'm almost certain I don't have to explain that with too much fancy, as any devoted (lol) Now/It's reader/follower/critic would already be familiar with at least one, if not both projects borne out of Aliza Carter Band. 

But alas, enough of that hilarity, for today Now/It's is called upon to help spread the surreal Holiday cheer as prescribed by Aliza Carter Band (ACB) in their most timely (obviously) single to date, "Christmas This Year."

From the first utterance of 'Christmas this year might be weird' atop warm acoustic finger picking, it's obvious ACB has all but superseded preceding efforts with the coolest of ease. While the single itself is a Holiday song, it's interesting to note the tonal growth of ACB, as small xylo/marimba notes weave in and out of the verse, before an ethereal explosion of Cowboy Sam's production prowess shines through in the pseudo chorus. If I may opine for a moment, my favorite moment is the vocal walk down of multiple 'slow downs' near the tail end of the song.

All in all, it's an exceptionally tasteful song (and that's coming from someone that is relatively loathsome toward Holiday tunes). But don't let my opinions turn into your own, decide for yourself. 

"Christmas This Year" is available to stream across all platforms.